Klamath Basin Youth Without Borders started in 2005 with the intent of expanding the borders of high school students in Klamath Falls, and encouraging travel abroad with the intention of helping low income families in developing countries. In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the borders shut down and caused the organization to change direction and focus inward in helping the Klamath Falls community.

KBYWB started the Color the Community Projects, which gives low income youth the ability to make a difference in their own community, and help supplement funds for an abroad trip. youth to plan and implement community based projects. Students are encouraged to sit on a board together, and get the opportunity to plan and implement community based projects, create cultural events, and grow a culture of their own.

In 2022, KBYWB restarted the Color the World Projects with the help of International Volunteer Headquarters. Low income students who worked on the Color the Community Projects are given opportunity to travel free or low cost depending on work completed with the local projects.

Our Mission:

KBYWB fosters cultural understanding, acceptance and respect between our youth and aid recipients by providing opportunity to serve abroad.  Our goal is to partner with the community in service projects and youth development.

Part of our rationale is that we recognize that understanding, acceptance, and respect between cultures both between cultures in Klamath County as well as between countries, can do more than anything else to ensure our long-term safety and to promote stability and prosperity.  As stated in our formal mission, we believe the benefits would not only be to the recipients who receive material aid and experience positive youth workforce in action, but of great significance, our youth, while consciously performing a service, would receive a cultural experience which would broaden their horizons in a lasting way.

So far KBYWB has done building projects in Thailand (2007), Brazil (2009), the Dominican Republic (2012), Trinidad (2015), Macedonia (2016) ,Thailand again (2017). and Peru (2022).

Color the Community Projects:

Color the World Projects:

Living in a rural community can feel like a blessing and a curse. A small community means knowing everyone and always having a helping hand, but can be hindering to learn about other cultures. The Color the Community Projects opens youth up to educational opportunities, while creating relationships with others in their own community. This is a way for students to get involved, and helps with financial opportunities for traveling on our Color the World projects.

Projects completed to date include Klamath Piano Project located inside the tourism center, Mills Neighborhood clean up, painting projects, and the creation of a culture center.

Upcoming projects include Culture Nights, the 2022 Color Run, Tobacco Free Mills Edition, Safe Parks, and more student lead projects to come.

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