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Color the Community Project

The Color the Community Project gives low income youth and adults a way to pay for their trip through performing community beautification projects in Klamath Falls. By performing 100 hours of services, youth will learn:

-Knowledgeable skills needed for the Global Projects

-Team Building workshops prior to travel

-Practical skills such as clean ups, maintenance, and empathy

-Friendships and networking between travelers as well as community members, liaisons, mentors, and global recipients

KBYWB understands how expensive our Global Projects can be, and want to utilize these trips as an opportunity for youth and mentors to do good in their community and be able to travel abroad our borders to a developing country.

Those who have been accepted into the program who fit the low income guidelines, and complete the 100 beautification hours will be eligible to receive:

-100% of travel costs covered

-Required vaccinations free of charge

-Passport purchased

-Clothing for the trip

-KBYWB “Swag”

-A small stimulus to spend while traveling abroad

Those who still want to participate in the program and do not match the low income guidelines may still be eligible for a portion of their trips covered. We encourage all to apply. You do not have to be low income to fundraise or travel in our Global Projects.

To get Started, See Eligibilty

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