About Us

Klamath Basin Youth Without Borders was established in 2005, as a non-profit organization that involves high school students from the Klamath Basin in a yearly project in developing countries.  KBYWB continues to affect the way the students participating look at the world, and the way that the world looks at them. During the pandemic, Global Village closed forcing KBYWB to reevaluate their initial mission, and broaden our work to being both in developing countries, as well as in the Klamath Falls community as well. 

Our Mission:

KBYWB fosters cultural understanding, acceptance and respect between our youth and aid recipients by providing opportunity to serve abroad.  Our goal is to partner with the community in service projects and youth development.

Part of our rationale is that we recognize that understanding, acceptance, and respect between cultures both between cultures in Klamath County as well as between countries, can do more than anything else to ensure our long-term safety and to promote stability and prosperity.  As stated in our formal mission, we believe the benefits would not only be to the recipients who receive material aid and experience positive youth workforce in action, but of great significance, our youth, while consciously performing a service, would receive a cultural experience which would broaden their horizons in a lasting way.

We partner with Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village program so that we can communicate with people who live in the country year-round, to help ensure our safety, and because Habitat’s slogan of ‘a hand up, not a hand out’ requires families to be able to pay for their home at an affordable, no-interest, rate. They also require the family to help build the home, which is where the personal cultural exchange happens.

So far KBYWB has done building projects in Thailand (2007), Brazil (2009), the Dominican Republic (2012), Trinidad (2015), Macedonia (2016) and Thailand again (2017). In Klamath County, KBYWB has worked on the Klamath Piano Project, and plans to partner with local organizations to work on beautification projects around the basin in the fall of 2021.

Past Projects

Klamath Piano Project

Thailand 2017

Macedonia 2016

Trinidad 2015

Dominican Republic 2012

Brazil 2009

Thailand 2007

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